We Must End the School to Prison Pipeline

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November 24, 2015

Click here to download the draft School to Prison Pipeline Plan.

I have over 34 years of law enforcement experience and have led two county law enforcement agencies as Chief of Investigations at the Travis County District Attorney’s Office and currently serving as Constable at Travis County Precinct 3.

However, there is another part of my background that I bring to law enforcement that is more personal.

At the age of 15, I was an at-risk kid. I was a runaway. I could have ended up a part of criminal justice system, but fortunately a woman named Jeannette came into my life. She took me into her home, supported me, and encouraged me. More importantly, Jeannette, who I call mom, kept me in school. I went on to receive my Bachelor’s Degree from St. Edward’s University in Criminal Justice. She taught me the value of staying in school and not giving up on a young person.

I believe that too many of our students are ending up in the criminal justice system. This is an issue that hits close to home because I remember all too well that I could have been one of those kids. The school to prison pipeline substitutes an education in school for an education in crime. The school to prison pipeline wastes taxpayer dollars now and in the future. More importantly, the school to prison pipeline wastes the lives and potential of many young people in our community.

I believe we can do better and it’s time for a change.

Click Here to Read My Plan to Support Travis County Students:

  • I will strengthen and create partnerships between law enforcement and absentee/ intervention programs, youth and their families, schools, and communities in order to combine all party strengths.
  • Encourage law enforcement staff to be involved in youth mentoring programs.
  • Create a resource webpage where educators and parents may access information sheets on why missing school matters, how law enforcement works, how to interact with law enforcement, and how to reach out to law enforcement for help.

This is the fourth draft policy paper released to increase discussion and awareness of issues facing law enforcement and our community.

Please share your suggestions, thoughts, and concerns; regarding public safety, law enforcement, and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office here.

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