Let’s Talk About Marijuana

Second Chances

A comprehensive plan to de-prioritize first time, minor marijuana offenses and direct more resources towards property crimes and violent offenses

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Most people don’t know this, but at the age of 15 I ran away from home. The likelihood of being a success in life was low and I did not have the support network that most children grow up with. However, I am one of the lucky runaways. I was given a second chance and access to opportunities to finish school and succeed.

Too many of our children are ending up in jail and on probation. How we enforce minor, non-violent offenses contributes to this growing problem. As someone who has benefited from second chances, I believe our kids deserve the same opportunity I was given.

As Democrats we must work to ensure that every young person, no matter their skin color, is able to get an education and prepare for the jobs of the future instead of being funneled into the school to prison pipeline. We must change the laws that disproportionately effect people of color and focus our resources on property crimes and violent offenses.

In Travis County, African-Americans are three times more likely to be arrested for possession of marijuana. However, marijuana use among youth of all ethnicities is evenly distributed. The difference is clear and how we enforce possession of marijuana cases must change.

Join me as I work for a more fair and equal criminal justice system.

Click Here to Read My Plan to De-Prioritize First time, Minor Possession of Marijuana Offenses:

  • Give young people and the Travis County community a second chance, instead of criminal records and a ticket towards the school to prison pipeline.
  • Implement a uniform cite and release program.
  • Work with the Commissioners Court and the County Attorney to implement a possession of marijuana second chance program.
  • Direct saved resources to property crimes such as theft and burglary and violent crimes.

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