Sally Hernandez, Constable


Child ID

Since the beginning of the Child ID program, the main focus has been fingerprinting our children in case something happens. We fingerprint children for their parents, but we also have added several other layers to keep children safe.

We provide preventative tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to families at school fairs and through my monthly newsletter.

Senior Fraud Prevention

This program is near and dear to my heart. Our elderly population is growing, and recently many in the elderly community have been victims of fraud and abuse. We have partnered up with a number of state agencies and a number of local law enforcement agencies to give them the tools they need to be aware of scams.

The mission of this program is to educate senior citizens, through public outreach, on signs of fraud, abuse, and neglect and give them strategies in combating these problems. My office provides resource information and connects our senior citizens to all available services in our community to prevent fraud.

The Travis County Constable Precinct 3’s goal is to help prevent fraud, abuse and neglect of our senior citizens by providing them with the necessary tools for living their lives free from these difficulties.

Parking Mobility

After a six month pilot program testing of the Parking Mobility Program, my office is committed to the Parking Mobility program. Through enforcement and education we discouraging people from abusing accessible parking. Through this program we hope to send the message that illegally parking in accessible parking spaces for any reason is not allowed in our community. There are many people who rely on these spaces being available.

The lack of accessible parking spaces causes individuals with disabilities to have to park in other locations. Unsafe parking locations not only jeopardize their safety but could also prevent them from getting safely back into their vehicles. For example, a person who are is in a wheelchair is harder to see. Moreover, it is hard for this person to get out of the way of a vehicle pulling into a space. No accessible parking prevents members of our community from getting the proper health care services or even needed medication they need.

People with disabilities are an important part of our community and I am dedicated to helping secure safe access to every part of our community through the Parking Mobility Program.

Neighborhood Watch Academy

We want to help neighbors develop their very own neighborhood watch programs that are based on the award-winning Barton Hills Neighborhood model which includes resident patrols. Neighborhoods are different and so is each Neighborhood Watch program. My office is dedicated to working with people in the community who are interested in keeping their neighborhoods safe. A number of neighborhoods already have a neighborhood watch program set up in their area, but there are many more that do not. I work with HOAs and Neighborhood Associations to offer quarterly trainings in collaboration with other public safety organizations.

Patrol Neighborhood Schools

In 2013, Lake Travis ISD reached out to my office to work with Bee Cave and Lakeway Police departments to patrol and regularly visit schools within their jurisdiction. Our primary focus is on elementary schools, but we visit all of the schools in Precinct Three.

Every school in Precinct Three has an assigned Deputy from my office that regularly visits to provide support to teachers and staff, monitor cross walks as children are being picked up, assist school staff monitor schools zones, monitor for any unusual behavior, and occasionally walk through the school. My office has partnered with Rollingwood Police Department for a program called “Slow Down For Me”. This is an awareness program to get drivers to slow down in school zones to protect children as they are being dropped off and picked up from school. As a result of our collaboration with the Crockett High School leadership, Austin Police Department, and Austin ISD Police Department, there are less off-campus fights and other school-related incidents. Further. We continue to patrol collaboratively to make sure this trend continues.

If deputies have a report to write or need to correspond with someone on their car computer, there is a policy in place that asks deputies to pull into the parking lot of an elementary school so that our visual presence help deter and prevent incidents in and around elementary schools.

We are currently the only law enforcement agency in Central Texas to partner with “Missing School Matters.” This program is geared toward keeping children in school. Keeping children in school is important to enhance their learning environment and to help them reach their goals in the future. Each day a child misses school it reduces funding for school districts.

National Night Out

National Night Out is a national effort to promote public participation in crime-prevention activities in your own community and neighborhood. In Texas we celebrate National Night Out in October. This great event allows neighbors to get to know one another and work together to build safer communities. National Night Out promotes community and partnership!

Anyone and any neighborhood can have an National Night Out event. It can be made as simple or as elaborate as you want. Block parties, cookouts, or potlucks with visits from public safety agencies like law enforcement, fire and emergency medical service personnel are all possibilities.

Click it Or Ticket

Another program my office participates in is TxDOT’s annual Memorial Day Click It or Ticket Mobilization. We partner with other law enforcement agencies to make Travis County roads and highways safer. During this ticket mobilization, we make roughly 450 contacts for seat belt and other traffic violations.

The Constable and Chief Deputy would like to thank everyone who has personally who participated in this effort in making Travis County roads safer. Our efforts increases the safety belt usage rate.

Environmental Safety Enforcement Unit

With the implementation of Texas HB 2305 on March 1, 2015 and recognizing that Travis County could potentially fail to meet Federal Clean Air Standards, my office adopted a new strategic vision to address Travis County air quality.

As a response, my office formed the Environmental Safety Enforcement Unit (ESE Unit) (formerly the Counterfeit Motor Vehicle Inspection Program). The mission of the ESE Unit is to provide traffic enforcement and investigation of violations of the Transportation Code and Health and Safety Code pertaining to air quality emissions, counterfeit registration certificates, counterfeit Vehicle Inspection Reports, and vehicle equipment safety. The unit tracks the emissions status of vehicles cited for these violations in an effort to evaluate the impact of the new law.

Car Identification Number Etching

My office provides free, permanent etching of the Vehicle Identification Number on the windows of vehicles. If the vehicle is stolen, the windows will need to be replaced before it can be sold. Because VIN etching is a permanent theft deterrent device, many insurance companies will give a discount to car owners who use this program.

Warrant Round Up

Clearing outstanding warrants off the books is one of the tasks Constables are charged with by the State of Texas. My office works tirelessly all year long to accomplish this task. But, it’s a distinct honor every year to join with so many of our fellow law enforcement agencies for the Great Texas Warrant Round-Up. We work with many local agencies, such as other Travis County Constable’s Offices, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and the Austin Police Department to collect and enforce outstanding warrants.

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