Sally Hernandez, Constable

Body Cameras

Body cameras and other similar tools are very important to help increase community trust. However, body cameras will not solve all issues. But, it is an important part of the solution. We need to use technology as a friend and not an enemy of both law enforcement and the general public. People were skeptical of dash cameras, but they have now become an integral part of law enforcement.

Travis County is currently working towards getting body cameras. Travis County must take into consideration not only the Sheriff’s Office but the several other county law enforcement agencies represented in Travis County such as the District Attorney, County Attorney, and Constable’s Office, among many others. We must have progressive county wide policy and a funding mechanism for body cameras on a wide scale.

As Sheriff, I will ensure all officers have body cameras and implement a progressive body camera policy that takes into consideration the needs of victims. Body cameras must work during the day and night, cannot be tampered with, allow for data trails, and last throughout a person’s entire shift, among other requirements. Additionally, part of an open and progressive policy also includes taking into consideration data storage.

Pol. Adv. Paid for by the Sally Hernandez Campaign, Treasurer Ms. Cecilia Crossley.