Sally Hernandez, Constable

Assault Family Violence

My plan to address assault family violence for a safer Travis County

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Former District Attorney Ronnie Earle hired me in 1992 as a Sergeant Investigator and I was promoted to Chief Investigator in 2005, a leadership position I held until Travis County voters elected me to Constable of Precinct Three.

As Chief Investigator, I saw many assault family violence cases end without a conviction because there was a lack of prompt support to the victim from the arresting agency. As a result, many victims went back into an abusive relationship and refused to cooperate with our office.

We have to change how arresting agencies assess and follow up with assault family violence investigations and how we help victims of family violence.

The current practice of arresting the defendant, taking a victim’s statement, and then having an investigator follow up weeks later is not sufficient and is not what Travis County should be doing. We need investigators who will promptly follow up with victims and connect them with the resources they need to improve their lives.

Women, men, and children deserve to feel safe and treated with respect in Travis County.

My Plan to Address Assault Family Violence and Support Travis County Families:

  • Make assault family violence investigations a priority.
  • Implement a policy that requires detectives to promptly follow up with victims.
  • Inform victims about the available resources in Travis County.
  • Require U Visa and victim training for Sheriff employees.
  • Find opportunities to reduce the turnaround time for U Visa certification requests.
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